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About Our Pilates Classes…

Reformer Pilates

We invite you to treat yourself to pilates on the reformer. This low-impact class will challenge your core, strength and balance. From beginner-advanced this class is perfect for anyone. Leave feeling lengthened, balanced, flexible and strong. 
Grip socks are REQUIRED to attend class. If you do not have any, we have some available for purchase at our front desk.

Reformer Sculpt

The perfect blend of Reformer Pilates & full body sculpting! Be prepared for Pilates on the Reformer, dumbbells, a touch of body weight exercise.

Grip socks are required for any Pilates class for your safety. If you do not have any, we have some available for purchase at our front desk.

Pilates Fusion

Our signature class! We transfer between 3 pieces of equipment to keep your brain from boredom and your body challenged! Reformer, Chair, and TRX/weights. You always get something new and challenging!

You spend 15 minutes on each piece of equipment, working the entire body.

Grip socks are required. Please let your instructor know of any injuries prior to class arriving. This class does not start late, and you don’t want to miss any part.. so arrive early!

Pilates Chair Sculpt

Pilates Chair + Weight Training + Mat Pilates = Maximum sculpting!

This class will make you sweat, and challenge every muscle in your body. A blend of chair, mat & dumbbells… you will find yourself surprised how quickly 45 minutes passes by!

Grip socks are required to attend this class. If you don’t have any, we have some available for purchase.

RE: Form & Ride

Love the cardio from indoor cycle + the power from Pilates Reformer?


For the first time in Modesto, we offer you a fusion class that combines the calorie burn of cycling and core strengthening on the Reformer.

20 minutes on each, plus 5 minutes of stretch time allows you a 45 minute class make the most of your time! Get ready to sweat – bring a towel!

First time cyclists – don’t worry! You can go at your own pace, and will receive coaching that is specific to your level. This class is limited to 6 people, so there will be plenty of personal attention.

Must have tennis shoes with a hard sole or clip in cycle shoes to feel comfortable on the indoor bikes. We also require GRIP SOCKS for your safety on the Reformer. Please bring water and a towel.

Strength + Spin

Get your sweat on, while increasing your strength! A perfect blend of TRX to challenge your upper body strength (body weighted exercise) and the combination of stamina on the indoor bike! You will leave feeling sweaty and accomplished!

Please wear hard-soled athletic shoes for this class and bring a towel!

Indoor Cycle

This is a BASIC level cycling class, that will help you set your bike up to your comfort level, and then our instructor will take you through a beginner ride to let you experience the exhilaration of indoor spinning.

No impact on the joints, great cardiovascular work, and improved endurance!

Class is limited to SIX participants. Hard soled shoes are REQUIRED.

Reformer Remix

reMIX on the Reformer…work on all pieces of Pilates equipment in this POP-UP class!

  • Ladder Barrel
  • Trap Table
  • Pilates Chair
  • Arc
  • Reformer

Work your body in all new ways, challenging your every move! Grip socks are required in this class.

Technique: Trap Table 

The “Trap Table” can look intimidating! This session is limited to five people who want to try their Pilates skills on the Trapeze Table.

We utilize a few different pieces of Pilates equipment during this class to accommodate everyone. You will experience new movements on the Trap table, and be able to practice and explore during this session.

This is part of our “Technique” sessions and focuses on form, precision, breath and control. It is an educational time to advance your understanding of Pilates.

This is taught by one of our most experienced instructors.

GRIP socks are required for this class. Grip gloves are highly recommended as well

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